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    Home Page / Faq - frequently asked questions


    Changing habits is not easy. You will find there the main Faq re. the use of the new agape web site.


    Where can I find the products’ details?
    Agape products details available in the ‘Products’section. Products are divided for typology. New products on the bottom of the page


    Where can I find Cad files (2D and 3D)?
    Cad files available, divided for typology, in the site’s section “Service and support-Download” and also under the image of the selected item.


    Where can I find agape catalogues?
    Catalogue download available in the site’s section “Service and support-Download”. You can also get catalogues into “Other product info” download area from the product’s pages. Links to download each catalogue available under the product’s image.


    Where can I find the installation instructions?
    Registration in the log-in area is firstly required. Link to the installation instructions (zip file containing all the product’s versions) available into “Service and support-Download” area and also under each item’s image featured in the products’ section.


    How can I get agape products’ price?
    Registration in the log-in area is firstly required. Details for the download available in “Service and support-Download” area and in the products pages.
    Non-registered users can revert to their local retailer.


    I forgot the password, how can I recover it?
    Follow the instructions “Password forgotten” it’s possible to recover it.


    I’d like to enter the registered area as new user, how can I do this?
    You agape sales referent will provide you with all the necessary registration form.


    How manage a claim?
    To get into the claim form you need to log-in; forms available in the service and support area.


    How can I find the retailer nearest to my area?
    The agape web site automatically recognize your nearest retailer. Should you need to look for shops in a different geographical area, scroll in the map enlarging the visualization area.
    For different area, you can choose the state from the list above the map to get in the desired location. All the geolocated retailers will appear depending on the area and its extension.
    Italy diveded by regions, rest of the world by nation.


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