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    Attentive to each stage of the production process, Agape studies complete design proposals, from consultation with the designer right through to production, logistics of the finished product and installation.

    All of these are the result of a meticulous research for codes of expression whose aesthetic appearance, material and functional quality will all last well into the future. Ours is a sustainable approach that respects the principles of sustainability: technical and aesthetic durability, committed management of energy and material resources, research into materials and solutions to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible for people and the environment.

    In this perspective in 2011 Agape, in collaboration with Habitech and TÜV Italy, mapped its products according to the standards of LEED ® certification, anticipating the use of new ecocertified sustainable materials. In addition to those traditionally used, all of high quality and produced in Italy, Agape was the first to include in its catalogue numerous products made of Cristalplant® biobased.

    This ecological solid surface is innovative in its composition, technical characteristics and performance. An added plus is that it can be easily restored and recycled.


    Agape LEED ® Product Booklet