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    Portfolio — Private house, Bammental


    Country: Germany
    Architect: Gunter Becker
    Typology: private residence

    The interior of this house in the small village of Bammental, in the modern and wealthy state of Baden Württemberg, is designed by Gunter Becker, who for years has focused his energy on designing houses using a strong holistic approach. Set in the hills, the profile of the house stands out like a dark, alluring monolith. Used primarily as a holiday home, like many properties in the area, it is entirely made of concrete.

    The house is designed as a single aisle containing smaller volumes open and connected to one another, the whole resulting in a play of full and void and impressive stage-like effects. According to this logic, one of the two staircases connecting the floors is built out of the wall of the kitchen, and the whole of the north-facing wall of the house where the entrance is situated is entirely made of sliding glass, designed so as to be able to disappear completely. The result is a complete elimination of any division between the indoor living area and the outdoor patio with swimming pool and solarium. From the outside the entire ground floor looks like a huge brightly lit theatre stage, thanks to the contrast between the anthracite-coloured external walls of the house and the light coming from the kitchen. Only the dining room with its wooden floors conserves any uniformity of colour with the outside, while the living room, set slightly lower than the other rooms of the living area, is hidden from view.

    This coexistence of different spaces and functions continues on the upper floor of the house, with its bedrooms, bathrooms and fitness area. Here, too, the style is minimalist, with white reigning supreme. The bedrooms are volumes able to shift at will: specular to each other, they appear suspended in space.

    In one of the two rooms, the freestanding Pear bathtub designed by Patricia Urquiola and made of white Cristalplant® biobased leaves the confines of the bathroom to sit opposite the bed. Washbasin and sanitary ware with Square taps, designed by Benedini Associati, complete the series.

    photography: Stephan Baumann/Karlsruhe

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