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    Portfolio — Château de la Resle, Burgundy


    Country: France
    Architect: B’bath, Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens
    Typology: hotel

    A castle in the Burgundy countryside has been restored to splendour thanks to the vision of its owners, Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens. Château de la Resle is a 16th century complex, extended in the 19th century. Now completely refurbished, it includes an annexe, a tower and a farm. The renovation, followed personally by the owners, was the result of a process which they themselves define as gradual.

    Over the years, the structural work was followed by the detail and overall look, inspired by the period in which the castle was built. Nevertheless, there is a modern touch to the interiors and antique furniture rubs shoulders with contemporary objects, which collectors Johan and Pieter have skilfully blended with taste and creativity.

    Guests can spend their time enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and bucolic views over the valley of Montigny or visiting the renowned wineries of the region. In this boutique resort, a member of the Design Hotels community, there is no division between the private areas and the leisure zones shared with the guests. This exemplifies perfectly the philosophy of the Chateau, to provide a stimulating experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    Taking pride of place are the Vézelay and Fontenay suites in the recently restored farmhouse, where restaurant, Spa and swimming pool are also housed. The suites occupy two floors connected by a spiral staircase, custom built by a Venetian craftsman.

    Although the space is designed to reflect its origins it has a contemporary feel, and the large bathroom with its smooth white walls and dark tiled floors and Fez taps provides the ideal setting for the Vieques collection by designer Patricia Urquiola.

    The large steel bathtub with white interior finish and withe or dark grey exterior and Fez taps offers a new take on the old iron tubs of the past. To complete it is a shelf and back-rest in teak. Echoing the style and bestowing a decisive character to the room are the two free-standing coordinated steel washbasins with white interior and dark grey exterior and the practical rectangular teak shelf. Completing the decor are two Bucatini mirrors with led back-lighting, and a white Stairs and Pic-Nic piece.

    photography: Yvan Moreau

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