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    Portfolio — The Opposite House, Beijing


    Country: China
    Architect: Kengo Kuma
    Typology: hotel

    In front of the main house in traditional Chinese courtyards there was also a residence for importantguests, known as “the opposite house”. The very name of the splendid Beijing hotel, designed by the great Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, hints at the sophisticated coexistence of contrasts that characterizes it as a place where new and old, order, and subtle echoes of Chinese decorative style all merge successfully together.

    The hotel is located in Sanlitun, in downtown Taikoo Li, which teems with fashion shops, galleries and restaurants. Outside, the continuous glass wall is characterized by different shades of green, the colour of peace. Inspired by ancient screens, it discreetly protects the privacy of the interior.

    Inside, the space is distributed seamlessly around a large central atrium that acts as a reminder of the traditional Chinese courtyard. It also ensures a harmonious flux between the public areas – the entrance with its bars and restaurants, a spa with steel swimming pool, the art gallery – and the private ones – 98 rooms / studios and a penthouse on two floors.

    All the rooms are designed with an open floor plan, hardwood floors and plenty of natural light. Designedusing the finest materials, the bathrooms occupy a central role. The simplicity and purity of the crystal glass surface of the 001 washbasin
    ensures it fits effortlessly into the environment.

    photography: Michael Weber

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