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    Portfolio — Stockholm


    Country: Sweden
    Architect: Planoform
    Typology: private residence

    This 143 sq. m apartment in Stockholm, designed in 1914 by the famous Swedish architects Albin and Erik Starck, has been restored by the new owners themselves. The result is almost the manifesto of a modern and intelligent lifestyle.

    The 3 bedrooms, kitchen and dining room, living room and 2 bathrooms have been completely renovated to accommodate a family of 4. The philosophy is clear and precise: a unique style right across the home, yet with each room adapted to its specific function while conserving 100% consistency. And all fully respecting the original atmosphere of the old building.

    Every decision has been carefully made − and there is also a great sense of practicality. While some original details have been preserved, such as the sliding doors that separate the kitchen from the dining room and the high skirting boards, floors and walls have been changed and the electrical system and lighting renewed completely.

    There have been structural changes too: the area to the rear of the apartment, which included a small kitchen and a bedroom, has been converted into rooms for the children. Kitchen and dining room have been merged to create a single environment for a more contemporary lifestyle.

    The master bedroom has been made smaller, however, to benefit the bathroom, made more spacious to accommodate the Ottocento bathtub with Fez taps which, in complete harmony with the style of the house, evoke a feel of the past filtered through the aesthetics of simplicity. The practical towel and object holder Multifunzione made in Exmar stands beside the tub, and, playing a central role, is Fusilli, the mirror that can be twisted in infinite directions, thanks to its flexible chrome-plated double support, with square marble base. The Bjhon 1 Cristalpant® biobased basin, from an idea conceived by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1970, is used here on a Flat XL base and surmounted by the 027 mirror cabinet with sliding door.

    The overall effect is harmonious and welcoming, a place where past and modernity mix together, in a timeless atmosphere that does not succumb to the fad of the moment and is created never to go out of fashion.

    photography: Mauro Angelantoni

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