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    Portfolio — Vedbæk, Trørød


    Country: Denmark
    Architect: Stine Langvad
    Typology: private residence

    This large, early 20th century house north of Vedbæk, Trørød in Denmark captures all the light from outside, holding it within like a precious gift. 434 sq. m, plus another 120 in the basement, it is designed to accommodate a family and create a peaceful and dynamic environment. These were the criteria which Danish interior designer and art director Stine Langvad used as inspiration for this living concept in the making. The project does not follow rules or trends, but focuses on an inner style: a house in continuous development that is enriched daily with the habits of those who live there.

    Room after room, this is a place to discover; beginning with the entrance that immediately reveals the light and neutral tones of the interior, in sharp contrast with the black wood treated with linseed oil on the exterior. The delicate shades of grey of the rooms create a bright and airy colour scheme which enhances the bright tones of certain, carefully chosen key pieces.

    The result is an environment of great harmony and vitality which invites you to enjoy the home following the mood of the moment, whether it is to suit entertaining, relaxing or studying. Large spaces alternate with the more intimate atmosphere of the smaller rooms, from the bright living room and the little library, or the spacious dining room and the charming conservatory.

    The design of the interior reveals a respect for the soul and architecture of the house. Many of the original features have been restored, such as the kitchen tiles and the panelling in some of the rooms.

    The layout of the space, however, reflects a modern style and the practical needs of everyday life, leading to a striking mix of contemporary elements and vintage detail. This same mixture of languages is clearly expressed in one of the bathrooms, where the dark, hand-made tiles with a modern feel blend perfectly with the Ottocento bathtub in Cristalplant® biobased by Benedini Associati. Inspired by the old cast iron baths of the past, Ottocento interprets the current need for comfort and elegance. Completing the room is Stairs, versatile and practical in oak, it can be simply leant against the wall without any need to drill holes.

    photography: Joachim Wichmann

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