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    Portfolio — CZ House, São Roque do Pico


    Country: Portugal
    Architect: SAMI-Arquitectos
    Typology: private residence

    Conceived as a set of four volumes linked to the centre by a glass wall in the living room, CZ House is an award-winning project designed by Portuguese studio, SAMI-Arquitectos. Perched on a hill on the island of Pico in the Azores, the prefabricated buildings follow the sloping terrain of their surroundings. Architects, Inês Vieira da Silva and Miguel Vieira, have created a home intrinsically linked to the natural environment, to the extent that it changes appearance depending on the weather outside.

    Each module houses different rooms: the first, the kitchen and living room, the second and the third, the sleeping areas and the last, a garage. The space in-between is designed as an extension of the house, with the glass walls enabling it to adapt to suit the owners’ needs, the wind or the view to be admired.

    The choice of materials is also closely linked to the landscape, with the stained wood exterior echoed here and there on the interior and which, together with the lighter and warmer wood of some of the detail, complements and enhances the essential, geometric construction.

    The austerity of the bathroom finds perfect expression in the compact line and enveloping form of the Deep bathtub, designed by Benedini Associati and made in Cristalplant® biobased, the first eco-sustainable solid surface.

    photography: FG + SG architectural photography

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