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    Portfolio — Le Lapin Blanc, Paris


    Country: France
    Architect: Rémi Chevrillon / Quantic Studio e Anaïs Albar
    Typology: hotel

    The entrance to 41 Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris is squeezed between the large windows of two shops. A tall door leads you in to the fantastic and magical world of Le Lapin Blanc, a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, just a short walk from the Luxembourg Gardens and Notre- Dame Cathedral. The reference to the masterpiece of Lewis Carroll is declared immediately in the extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland visible in the lobby.

    The design for the hotel, member of the Chateaux & Hotels Collection, is the result of a collaboration between architect and photographer Rémi Chevrillon and artist Anaïs Albar for Quantic Studio. The brief was to create an intimate place with a strong personality which would keep the prerogatives of a four star hotel. Inspired by the mood of Carroll’s novel, Chevrillon and Albar decided to dress up this classic Parisian interior with psychedelic architectural details and devices: one such example being the reception, where the small space is doubled by the eleven metre mirrored wall in the corridor leading to the charming lobby and the breakfast room.

    The floors are laid with rectangular ceramic pastel tiles that announce the delicate and harmonious colour palette of all the other rooms. The five upper floors house 27 rooms, divided into six different types. The bathroom elements echo and complement the rooms: a choice dictated by the limited space but which is cleverly used to link up with the key theme of the design. The only existing division is on the floor where the pastel ceramics meet the carpet. The bathroom furnishings are essential, with washbasins, showers and sanitary ware all completely white.In the 40 square metre suite on the top floor, a white Exmar In-Out bathtub designed by Benedini Associati sits under a large window beside the bed. Flawless and perfectly rounded, it fits in nonchalantly with the rest of the furnishings.

    photography: LLB Hotel and Quantic studio

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