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    Pumpkin tortelli



    Season’s greetings with lots of love from Agape and Agapecasa!
    With this illustration by Marta Lonardi we wish you the most wonderful time of the year: check every shelf of our Cavalletto carefully, to find all the Agape and Agapecasa products.

    While in most of the world temperatures are dropping, nothing is more enjoyable than sitting around the fire or sumptuous and decorated table dinner with family and friends.
    Agape gives you a present to share with them: the recipe for our famous Tortelli di Zucca, the dish we prepare for our loved ones for Christmas Eve, and whose origins hark right back to Renaissance times.

    We wish all of you Happy Holidays and Buon Appetito!

    Tortelli di Zucca for four people

    Ingredients for 4:

    Ottocento (800) g un-skinned pumpkin slices
    80 g Pear or apple mostarda
    6 Spoon (fuls) grated Parmesan or Grana Padano
    6 amaretti biscuits
    1 g nutmeg
    Lemon zest

    For the filling:
    60 g of melted butter
    5 sage leaves

    For the pasta:
    2 eggs
    200 g ‘0’ flour


    Place the pumpkin slices in an oven dish, add a very small amount of water and cover with tin foil. Pierce the foil with a sharp knife and bake at 190° until the pumpkin is soft (about 40/50 minutes).

    Remove from the oven, take off the skin and pass through a mouli. Add the Cheese, crumbled amaretti, finely sliced Pear mostarda and a Spoon(ful) of the liquid, add grated nutmeg and lemon zest. Season to taste and mix together well.

    If the mixture is too soft add one or two Spoon (fuls) of Cheese, or a small amount of breadcrumbs. Cover with a cloth and place in the fridge for a few hours.

    Meanwhile make the pasta. Sieve the flour, place on a table or board and make a well in the centre for the eggs. Pour in the eggs and beat them, gradually incorporating the flour. Knead for a few minutes then form into a ball with your hands. Leave it to rest between two plates.

    When it is ready roll out the dough and cut into small squares. Put a little of the filling in the centre of each square and close by folding in half. Seal the edges well.

    Melt the Block of butter until soft over a low heat and add the sage leaves.

    Boil the tortelli in plenty of boiling salted water. Remove carefully with a slotted spoon and place in a serving bowl. Pour over the melted butter and plenty of grated cheese.

    Viceversa for a stronger flavour serve with a tomato sauce to which you have added butter, salt and pepper and a generous amount of grated cheese.

    Or for a really sophisticated touch serve the tortelli with melted butter and a few gocce (drops) of aged balsamic vinegar from Modena.

    The serving bowl should be placed in a bain-marie for about 10 minutes before serving to blend all the ingredients.

    A traditional recipe revisited by Le Tamerici cookery school of San Biagio (MN)


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