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    Agape participates in Elle Decor Italia's Be Original

    Spoon XL @ LaRinascente


    Agape is a partner-company of BE ORIGINAL, a project which Elle Decor Italia devised and developed in order to protect authenticity and quality at a time when the fakes phenomenon is on the increase.

    The main phases of BE ORIGINAL
    Over the first six months of 2013, Elle Decor Italia published a monthly, in-depth report to give its readers/consumers the means of understanding the value of an original creation. It also launched an online survey to investigate the level of awareness of counterfeiting; 10,000 consumers replied.
    The first part of the project ended on July 4 with a conference held in Palazzo Reale, Milan, attended by the leading exponents from the fashion world, the Italian furnishings industry, politics and culture. At the heart of the discussion was the Il Manifesto BE ORIGINAL presentation on the delicate issue of counterfeiting: 15 concrete proposals to better protect original design, presented and delivered to the relevant authorities.

    Taking part in this project had a special meaning for Agape, which this year celebrates its first 40 years. In fact Agape has since 1973 proposed its original, innovative interpretation of the bathroom, considered an important room in the modern home and not just a functional place. Over the years, Agape has presented a wide variety of products while maintaining a high-quality aesthetic throughout the collections. The company has become a benchmark for the industry.
    Drawing inspiration from the shape of an egg, Spoon, the first freestanding Solid Surface bathtub, was designed by Benedini Associati in 1998 and is still in production. It remains one of the most-copied tubs in the world.

    Be Original Week
    Milan will host the BE ORIGINAL week from the 22nd to the 28th of October. A whole week devoted to defending auteur design. The city will bustle with a calendar of events aimed at informing consumers and making them aware of the choices they make when purchasing. The firms involved are a selection of true excellence and include Agape, B&B Italia, Boffi, Flaminia, Foscarini, Molteni&C and Porro.
    During Be Original week the laRinascente store windows will be dressed with iconic designs from the great masters: 21 original products from the XX and XXI centuries, each with its own story to tell. Such as Agape’s Spoon XL bathtub, which is emblematic of a style and design model and features in one of the store windows.

    Save the date

    laRinascente and BE ORIGINAL stores will host numerous events devoted to “Original Design Stories” told by business people and designers.
    Agape12 is one of the stores involved and will hold the following debate:

    Monday 28 October, 7pm, Form, function and material. Participants include architect Giampaolo Benedini, founder and designer of many Agape products including the iconic Spoon and its development, Spoon XL.

    Furthermore, consumers will have the possibility throughout the week of buying designer pieces at special prices in BE ORIGINAL stores. Agape takes part in this initiative, too, with its Roto range (washbasins and storage units) available for purchase at Agape12.

    Agape 12
    via Statuto, 12
    20121 – Milan, Italy


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